The Simulacra Series is currently in progress. This series is centered on mutual relationships between signifiers of various sorts, such as linguistic, visual, or cultural, as well as their dependence on each other and subsequent removal from reality. The series is inspired heavily by the philosopher Jean Baudrillard’s writings, especially “Simulacra and Simulation.” An extremely rough summary of his theory is as follows. As concepts, images, words, and other media are created, they supposedly begin as an understandably artificial reference to reality, or a placeholder to symbolize something in reality. As time goes on, instead of only imitating reality directly, signs begin to copy each other as well. Eventually, like an endless game of telephone, the signs copy other copies to the point where there is no basis in an original reality. Instead, a new pure simulacrum is made, in which the signs exist within a contextual reality completely separate from any original and only relevant to other signs. The artwork of the Simulacra series explores the themes of simulacra in context of the self, signs, and mutual identity. These works were created in 2018 and 2019, and are listed chronologically from newest to oldest.